Project Repository

A random number generator created using React.js as the technology foundation.


Project Repository

A project that utilizes the MEAN stack by pulling data from my own Fitbit and display step data over a set month or year via Google Charts.

A Series of Notes Summarizing...

Series Folder

As part of a personal goal to enrich myself with knowledge in the field I work in, I've created a series of notes in which I summarize chapters in a textbook. Learning something isn't hard, but retaining it over time can be tricky. This side project I hope will help me retain knowledge gained and hopefully could potentially help others learning or needing a little of reminder of something.

Last Resort Recovery

Project Repository

Our senior capstone project assists in finding and recovering your lost or stolen laptop. You can add or remove devices through our web page as well as mark any of them as lost or stolen. It will then assist you by providing information that may lead to its recovery.

Our website works in conjunction with an Agent that is installed on your device that allows you to add that device so you may track it on your account online.

The frontend was built with the Bootstrap framework and jQuery, the backend using PHP and MySQL, and the Agent in C.